Prices of facilities and services NTC Poprad

Content, prices and description of camp packets you can find in NTC POPRAD PACKETS OFFER

PoložkaCena (EUR)
Accomodation and campsperson/night
Hotel Riverside*** - Basic packet62 EUR
Hotel Aquacity Seasons***+ - Medium packet68 EUR
Hotel Mountin Wiev**** - Exclusive packet74 EUR
Stadium and pitches rental
stadium - training (90 min.)200 EUR
stadioum - training lights60 EUR
stadium - practice match550 EUR
stadium - practice match with lights750 EUR
training pitch - training (90 min.)150 EUR
training pitch - match 200 EUR
training pitch - lights60 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica - training (60 min.)90 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica - training (90 min.)120 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica - match180 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica - dressing room15 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica - 2 dressing rooms 25 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica - refferies room 5 EUR
turf ground T. Lomnica- lights (60 min.) 30 EUR
Services and rooms
Training equipment-free-
Press room (capacity 75 persons)30 EUR
Dressing room20 EUR
Conference hall (capacity 30 persons)20 EUR
Saloon (capacity 40 persons)20 EUR
*all services prices including Wi-Fi connection
Presentation equipment
flipchart10 EUR
dataprojektor20 EUR
notebook20 EUR
LEDlight table30 EUR
Whole NTC arealprice/day
areal2200 EUR
areal including lights2500 EUR
* In prices are not included VAT (20 %)
* Prices are valid from 5. of July 2015